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Seville: La Feria De Abril

Seville is Spain’s fourth largest city and represents the country at its most sizzlingly seductive. Whilst it has swelled to a sprawling metropolis in modern times, it retains at its core a vast yet homely and atmospheric tangle of narrow … Continue reading

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The Nazca Lines

In the Peruvian desert to the south of the capital Lima, you will find the bleak and arid Nazca Plain; the unlikely home to some of the world’s most bizarre and dramatic geoglyphs; man-made forms created from material on the … Continue reading

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Inti Raymi – The Inca festival of the sun in Cuzco, Peru

The colonial legacy of the Spanish in Latin America is particularly noticeable with respect to religion, and today the vast majority of the continent’s people are united by the Catholic faith. However, indigenous heartlands, particularly in the hidden depths of … Continue reading

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Do you speak Guarani?

With a few exceptions such as Brazil, it is fair to say that the Spanish language truly dominates Central and South America. Indeed this is one of the most appealing reasons for learning Spanish, since it opens so many doors … Continue reading

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Santander – Spain-on-sea

Seaside Spain means the Mediterranean for most British holidaymakers, who instantly disregard the beautifully verdant and rugged northern Atlantic coast that stretches from the French border in the east, and Galicia in the west. This area, thanks to its moist … Continue reading

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Go online with Friendly Spanish

Where language learning is concerned, the benefits of a traditional classroom environment are obvious. An experienced teacher guides and supports learners while peers provide valuable ancillary interaction, both elements key to gaining that all-important confidence to speak. But this is … Continue reading

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Jon Santacana Maiztegui – Victory, it’s downhill all the way

After the resounding success of 2012, London and the UK have basked in the warm glow of the Olympic legacy and sporting excellence. It was hard to believe that this last month saw London reluctantly relinquish host status to Sochi … Continue reading

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Flipping Marvellous – How to make an authentic Spanish omelette

Ask a group of Spaniards who makes the best Tortilla Española (also known as Tortilla de Patatas) and you will immediately run into difficulties, as they are likely to stick by their own mothers’ recipes. This wonderfully comforting dish comes … Continue reading

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Learning Spanish: Reasons to START in 2014

1. Spanish is the second most commonly-spoken language in the world, boasting 329 million native speakers. What with globalization and the rapid actual population growth in Latin America in particular its popularity can only be set to increase. By 2050 10% … Continue reading

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Y Wladfa – The Welsh Community of Argentina

We often talk of North America, in particular the USA being the world’s foremost cultural melting pot, with waves of settlers having arrived over the centuries from all over Europe and beyond. Whilst largely united by the English language, this … Continue reading

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